Lyubov Andreyeva Любовь Андреева

06 Dec
© Valery Shechenko Валерий Шевченко

© Valery Shevchenko Валерий Шевченко

Lyubov Andreyeva Любовь Андреева, Eifman Ballet Театр балета Бориса Эйфмана

Lyubov Andreyeva interviewed by Alisa Aslanova for Ballet Insider (rus)

Source and more info at:
Alisa Aslanova Алиса Асланова, leading ballerina of The Kremlin Ballet and editor in chief of Ballet Insider (on-line magazine)

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Photographer Valery Shevchenko on 500px
Photographer Valery Shevchenko on You Tube
Photographer Valery Shevchenko on Facebook
Photographer Valery Shevchenko on Instagram
Photographer Valery Shevchenko on VKontakte

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