Alexandra Kirshina and Mikhail Kirshin

23 Dec

Alexandra Kirshina Александра Киршина as “Thumbelina”, Mikhail Kirshin Михаил Киршин as “Prince of the Elves” and Балет Москва Ballet Moscow ensemble “Thumbelina Дюймовочка” choreography by Anastasia Kadruleva Анастасия Кадрулева and Artem Ignatiev Артем Игнатьев based on a fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen, music by Pyotr Tchaikovsky and Arkady Marto, Балет Москва Ballet Moscow, ZIL Culture Centre, Moscow, Russia

Note: Thank you very much for the help received from @serebryanna (via Instagram) who gave me the names of the principal dancers of this ballet.

Source and more infoat:
Ballet Moscow Website
Ballet Moscow on Vimeo
Ballet Moscow on You Tube
Ballet Moscow on Facebook
Ballet Moscow on Instagram
Ballet Moscow on VKontakte

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