“Empire Noir”, Pacific Northwest Ballet

15 Mar

Elle Macy, Lindsi Dec, Leslie Rausch, Noelani Pantastico, Elizabeth Murphy, Leta Biasucci, Jerome Tisserand. Batkhurel Bold, Karel Cruz, Josh Grant and Dylan Wald, “Empire Noir” (rehearsal) choreography by David Dawson, music by Greg Haines, costume by Yumiko Takeshima from “Director’s Choice” (“Empire Noire”, “New Suite” and “Her Door to the Sky”), Pacific Northwest Ballet

World premiere on June 17, 2015, Dutch National Ballet, Het Muziektheater, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
USA premiere on March 17, 2017, Pacific Northwest Ballet, Seattle, Washington

Source and more info at:
Pacific Northwest Ballet Website
Pacific Northwest Ballet on Twitter
Pacific Northwest Ballet on Blogger
Pacific Northwest Ballet on Pinterest
Pacific Northwest Ballet on You Tube
Pacific Northwest Ballet on Facebook
Pacific Northwest Ballet on Instagram

David Dawson Website
David Dawson on Twitter
David Dawson on Facebook
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Photographer Angela Sterling Website
Photographer Angela Sterling on Facebook
Photographer Angela Sterling on Instagram

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