Edyta Rut

20 Jul

© Dean Barucija (PickledThoughts)

Edyta Rut

© Dean Barucija (PickledThoughts)

Edyta Rut, Staatliche Ballettschule Berlin Berlin State Ballet School

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2 responses to “Edyta Rut

  1. Ilja van de Pavert

    Friday, July 21, 2017 at 11:36

    That is a nice encounter! 🙂
    I was photographing Edyta Rut(owska) in 2013 during the eliminations for Dance World Cup 2013 In Krakow, Poland. She made a great impression on me with her dancing and later on her request I sent her the pictures I shot from her during this event.
    FYI: a small selection of her pictures I published on ‘Flickr’, starting at

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