Lauren Cuthbertson and Matthew Golding

29 Jul

© Alice Pennefather / Covent Garden Dance

© Alice Pennefather / Covent Garden Dance

Lauren Cuthbertson and Matthew Golding, “Within the Golden Hour” choreography by Christopher Wheeldon, music by Ezio Bosso and Antonio Vivaldi, “Ballet Under the Stars, Best of British”, Hatch House as part of Covent Garden Dance (July 20 to 22, 2018)

Note I: dancers do not wear the original costumes (original costume designer: Jasper Conran)

Many thanks to Alice Pennefather, Monica Bragagnoli and Vito Mazzeo for the help received that made the description of this post possible. Thanks Alice, Monica and Vito!

Note II: Original quality of the photographs may be affected by the compression algorithm of the different social networks where they are uploaded.

Source and more info at:
Alice Pennefather Photography Website
Alice Pennefather Photography on Facebook
Alice Pennefather Photography on Instagram

Alice Pennefather Dance Photography Website

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