“Symphony in C”, New York City Ballet

03 Nov

Tiler Peck, Tyler Angle, Sara Mearns and Jared Angle – Photographer Andrea Mohin

Lauren King, Spartak Hoxha, Taylor Stanley and Ralph Ippolito – Photographer Andrea Mohin

Tiler Peck, Tyler Angle, Sara Mearns, Jared Angle, Ashley Bouder, Anthony Huxley, Lauren King, Taylor Stanley, Spartak Hoxha and Ralph Ippolito, “Symphony in C” choreography by George Balanchine, music by Georges Bizet (Symphony No. 1 in C major), costumes by Barbara Karinska (1948) and Marc Happel (2012), New York City Ballet, “Balanchine: The City Center Years” as part of New York City Center’s 75th Anniversary Season (October 31 to November 4)

Note: Original quality of the photographs may be affected by the compression algorithm of the websites where they are hosted.

Source and more info at:
Photographer Andrea Mohin on Facebook
Photographer Andrea Mohin on Instagram

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