April Daly and Fabrice Calmels

28 Apr

Photographer Cheryl Mann

April Daly and Fabrice Calmels (in the background from left to right: Valentino Moneglia Zamora, Brooke Linford, Xavier Núñez and Leticia Stock) “Yonder Blue” choreography by Andrew McNicol, music by Peter Gregson from “Across the Pond” (“Vespertine” choreography by Liam Scarlett, music by Arcangelo Corelli; “Home” choreography by Andrea Walker, music by Ross Allchurch and “Yonder Blue”), The Joffrey Ballet, Auditorium Theatre, Chicago, Illinois, USA (April 24 to May 5)

Note: Original quality of photographs may be affected by compression algorithm of the websites where they are hosted

Source and more info at:
The Joffrey Ballet Website
The Joffrey Ballet on Twitter
The Joffrey Ballet on Pinterest
The Joffrey Ballet on You Tube
The Joffrey Ballet on Instagram
The Joffrey Ballet on Facebook

Photographer Cheryl Mann Website
Photographer Cheryl Mann on Flickr
Photographer Cheryl Mann on Facebook
Photographer Cheryl Mann on Instagram

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