Viktoria Tereshkina and Danila Korsuntsev

14 Sep

(no info about photographer)

Viktoria Tereshkina Виктория Терёшкина as “Zobeide” and Danila Korsuntsev Данила Корсунцев as “Zobeide’s Slave”, “Schéhérazade Шехеразада” choreography by Mikhail Fokine (1910) reconstruction by Isabelle Fokine and Andris Liepa Андрис Лиепа (1994), music by Nikolay Rimsky-Korsakov Николай Римский-Корсаков, set and costume design by Anna Nezhnaya, Anatoly Nezhny Анатолий Нежный (original set by Léon Bakst Леон Бакст), Mariinky Ballet Мариинский театр, Saint Petersburg, Russia

Note: Original quality of photographs may be affected by compression algorithm of the websites where they are hosted

Source and more info at:
Mariinsky Ballet Website
Mariinsky Ballet on Flickr
Mariinsky Ballet on Twitter
Mariinsky Ballet on Pinterest
Mariinsky Ballet on You Tube
Mariinsky Ballet on Facebook
Mariinsky Ballet on Instagram
Mariinsky Ballet on VKontakte
Mariinsky Ballet on Mariinsky TV

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