Maria Abashova and Oleg Gabyshev

24 May

Photographer Natalia Voronova Наталья Воронова

Maria Abashova Мария Абашова and Oleg Gabyshev Олег Габышев, “Eugene Onegin – Евгений Онегин”, choreography by Boris Eifman Борис Эйфман, based on the novel of the same name by Alexander Pushkin Александр Пуyшкин, music by Pyotr Tchaikovsky Пётр Чайковский, Alexander Sitkovetsky Александр Ситковецкий, costumes by Olga Shaishmelashvili Ольга Шайшмелашвили, Pyotr Okunev Петр Окунев, Anna Yakushchenko Анна Якущенко, Eifman Ballet Театр балета Борис Эйфман, Alexandrinsky Theatre, Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Note: Original quality of photographs might be affected by compression algorithm of the websites where they are hosted.

Source and more info at:
Photographer Natalia Voronova on Facebook
Photographer Natalia Voronova on Instagram

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