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Misato Isogami and Daniel Myers

© ASH (Amber Hunt and Arnaud Stephenson) / ENB

© ASH (Amber Dower Hunt and Arnaud Stephenson) / ENB

Misato Isogami as “Princess Florine” and Daniel Myers as “the Blue Bird”, “The Sleeping Beauty”, English National Ballet

Source and more info at:
English National Ballet Website
English National Ballet on Twitter
English National Ballet on Flickr
English National Ballet on Google+
English National Ballet on You Tube
English National Ballet on Facebook
English National Ballet on Instagram

Photography by ASH Website
Photography by ASH on Twitter
Photography by AHS on Blogger
Photography by ASH on Facebook

ASH: Photographers Amber Dower Hunt and Arnaud Stephenson

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Yuhui Choe and Ryoichi Hirano

© Alice Pennefather

© Alice Pennefather

© Alice Pennefather

© Alice Pennefather

Yuhui Choe as “Princess Florine” and Ryoichi Hirano as “Bluebird”, The Sleeping Beauty, The Royal Ballet (February 21, 2014)

Source and more info at:
Alice Pennefather Photography Website
Alice Pennefather Dance Photography Website
Alice Pennefather Photography on Facebook
Alice Pennefather Photography on Instagram

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The Sleeping Beauty

Olesya Novikova as “Princess Aurora”, Filipp Stepin as “Prince Désiré”, Kristina Shapran as “The Lilac Fairy”, Sofia Ivanova-Skoblikova as “The Diamond Fairy”, Oxana Skorik as “Princess Florine”, Tatiana Tiliguzova and Alexei Timofeyev as “Bluebird”, The Sleeping Beauty, Mariinsky Ballet, XV International Ballet Festival Mariinsky (March 20, 2015)

Source and more info at:
Katerina Kravtsova Website
Katerina Kravtsova on Facebook
Katerina Kravtsova on Instagram

Note: There are two or three ballerinas that I could not identify. As soon as I get their names I will add the names to this post. If you know their names and you add them in the comments I will be grateful with you. Thanks in advance

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2014 Royal Ballet Gala

The Royal Ballet Gala, Nordea Concert Hall, Tallinn, Estonia (December 20, 2014)

Svetlana Danilova, Vlad Marculescu, Sara Michelle Murawski, Andrej Szabo, Laetitia Pujol, Benjamin Pech, Lorena Maria Negrea, Iancu Ovidiu Matei, Yolanda Correa, Yoel Carreno, Iana Salenko, Dinu Tamazlacaru and Jevgeni Grib

Source and more info at:
Photographs courtesy of Jack Devant under Attribution + Noncommercial 3.0
Photographer Jack Devant Website
Photographer Jack Devant on Flickr
Photographer Jack Devant on 500px
Photographer Jack Devant on Twitter
Photographer Jack Devant on YouPic
Photographer Jack Devant on Google+
Photographer Jack Devant on LinkedIn
Photographer Jack Devant on Facebook
Photographer Jack Devant on Instagram
Photographer Jack Devant on Photodom
Photographer Jack Devant on VKontakte
Photographer Jack Devant on Ballet Pics

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