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Marcus Morelli, ultra-slow motion photography by Niv Novak (3 of 4)

Marcus Morelli, The Australian Ballet

Music: Hanna Silver, post production assistant: Mark Scott, production assistant Sam Mcgilp, copyright: Niv Novak

Take advantage of the maximum image quality (4K) watching the video directly on Vimeo:

Source and more info at:
Photographer Niv Novak Website
Photographer Niv Novak on 500px
Photographer Niv Novak on Vimeo
Photographer Niv Novak on LinkedIn
Photographer Niv Novak on Pinterest
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Photographer Niv Novak on Instagram

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Jessica Fyfe and Marcus Morelli

© Lynette Wills

© Lynette Wills

© Lynette Wills

© Lynette Wills

Jessica Fyfe and Marcus Morelli, “The Sleeping Beauty” choreography by David McAllister, The Australian Ballet

Source and more info at:
The Australian Ballet Website
The Australian Ballet on Twitter
The Australian Ballet on Google+
The Australian Ballet on Pinterest
The Australian Ballet on You Tube
The Australian Ballet on Facebook
The Australian Ballet on Instagram
The Australian Ballet on Behind Ballet

Lynette Wills Photography Website
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Lynette Wills Photography on Facebook

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