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English National Ballet Autumn Tour 2014-15

Tiffany Hedman, Jeanette Kakareka, Adela Ramirez, Jia Zhang, Jennie Harrington, Stina Quagebeur, Senri Kou, Laurretta Summerscales, Precious Adams, Shiori Kase, Fernando Bufalá, Laurent Liotardo, Junor Souza, Pedro Lapetra, Max Westwell and Daniele Silingardi, “Coppelia”, English National Ballet

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Photographer Siân Trenberth Website
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Photographer Siân Trenberth. Ballet art prints of Daria Klimentová for sale
Photographer Siân Trenberth Editorial & Publicity

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English National Ballet

Alison McWhinney, Jia Zhang, Laurretta Summerscales, Nicky Henshall, James Streeter, Junor De Oliveira Souza, Senri Kou and Seo Yeon Yu, “Coppelia”, English National Ballet, Bristol Hippodrome Theatre, Bristol, England (November 2014)

Source and more info at:
Photography by ASH Website
Photography by ASH on Twitter
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ASH: Photographers Amber Hunt and Arnaud Stephenson

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Photographer Laurent Liotardo

© Laurent Liotardo

© Laurent Liotardo

Vitor Menezes, Junor De Oliveira Souza, Alison Mcwhinney, Senri Kou, Joan Sebastian Zamora and Madison Keesler, English National Ballet

Source and more info at:
Photographer Laurent Liotardo Website
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Photographer Laurent Liotardo on Twitter
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